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Ocacia is an international soul jazz funk studio group. Ocacia is known for their socially conscious music, as well as the multi-award winning film

Ocacia's music escapes time and gravity; a unique return to the soul of song.

Ocacia's first album was released in 1999. Ocacia continue to go against the grain of mainstream music by using music as a tool for empowerment and social commentary. Anti-war, pro-life, pro-culture.

Owen 'Alik Shahadah | Bio

OCACIA is a coming together; a oneness of concern. From the dawn of mankind, music has always been associated with social and spiritual change-a voice of the people

A multi-award winning recipient including the rare UNESCO award for film.

Music in Africa was always socially responsible, the griots of West Africa held more than a station of mere entertainers. They reported and serviced the conscious of the people. Ocacia is a return to that African tradition with deep social roots. We believe that music is a powerful vehicle for the deeper enlightenment and unification of all mankind. A vehicle of limitless expression and artistic creativity. And so we come to you .


"Come into the Sunshine" originally only performed in 2000 for the St Lucia Jazz Festival, it was recorded in 2007 and released in the 2010 film Motherland.



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